Ljubljana is the capital of a state, but it is small and pretty, easy to get around in, and full of surprises. While during winter it is its dreamy central European character that prevails, during summer it has a relaxed Mediterranean feel to it.


It is remarkable for its rich tradition, youthful vibrancy, cultural creativity, feel for entertainment, and numerous green spaces. Ljubljana has preserved evidence of all the five millennia of its history, including, among others, the remains of the Roman city of Emona and the old city center with its medieval castle and beautiful buildings with Baroque façades, decorative portals, and uneven roofs.


Things that you need to see:


  • Ljubljana Castle: it is possible to walk to the fortress or get there by funicular. Castle is the city's premier tourist attraction, and it's hard to miss, sitting on a mountain of green forest above the city center. It offers incomparable views of Ljubljana and its beautiful locale in the cauldron of snow-capped peaks and lush green forest.
  • Preseren Square devoted to Slovenia's favorite poet is the center point of the whole city, surrounded by beautiful buildings such as the salmon pink Franciscan Church and the Tromostovje (the three bridges) across the green river Ljubljanica.
  • Three Bridges are probably the most beautiful and well-known of all bridges in the city, they connect the main Preseren Square with the Old Town and represent a popular meeting point and place for street musicians and artists. The Marketplace is on the left, the Old Town is on the right, and the main square is behind.
  • The colorful and impressive market of Ljubljana was designed by Plecnik. You can find almost everything: bread, dairy, fish, dried fruits, meats, cheeses, honey, fruit, and vegetables ... It is a real tourist attraction. Dried mushrooms and herbs cost significantly less than in other countries. Sunday Flea Market: nothing better than walking through an open-air museum on a sunny Sunday morning.
  • Ljubljana's Old Town mainly consists of three squares: Mestni trg, Stari trg and Gornji trg. The Town Hall is located on the square Mestni trg. Besides that, it is the best place to go out in the evenings or just do some people-watching.
  • Dragon Bridge marks one end of Ljubljana old town. There are four fearsome-looking dragons - one on each corner of the bridge. The legend says that the dragon would wave his tail when a virgin crosses the bridge.
  • Park Tivoli, located a short walk from the old town, is a gorgeous park famous for its boulevards and designs by Joze Plecnik whose architecture can be seen throughout the city. There are some nice areas for sport in the park as well as a lake, an indoor leisure complex and the museum of contemporary history.
  • The Roman walls and a pyramid date back to ancient Roman times. Roman walls the preserved part of the town walls of the ancient Emona were uniquely renovated by architect Joze Plecnik.

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