Pension Silvia is a great starting point for numerous walks. The Piran area is a real treasure chest that hides many jewels that you may never find on your own. 

The exceedingly variegated and picturesque Piran region can be experienced and enjoyed in a number of ways, and the hiking paths selected for you will acquaint you, especially with the area’s uniqueness.  Safe, non-strenuous and panoramic, these footpaths will lead you through Piran, Portorož, Lucija, Seča, Strunjan and their surroundings.

This is an area where your gaze can sweep from Croatian Istria towards the northern Italian coast, to the Slovenian Alps and, dropping to the edge, an area that will leave you amazed. The number of possible combinations of the 10 footpaths throughout the Municipality of Piran is so numerous that you can select new hiking adventures many times over. A walk along the Piran footpaths is something beautiful, refreshing and relaxing. It is like healing medicine and an experience that is sure to brighten your day. It can be used without a prescription and in unlimited quantities.

Take a look at the attached plan of footpaths and follow your steps on 10 marked trails:  



1. Seaside promenade (13 km)

The longest of the 10 footpaths runs almost entirely along the coast. The close proximity of the sea and views of far-off and foreign shores and mountains give this path a special charm. The sea promenade connects all the urban settlements of the Piran area and thus forms the "spine" of all the other footpaths. The entire path in one direction can be covered in seven hours.


2. Piran footpath (3 km)

This path encircling the town presents Piran in a very special light. This town is extremely photogenic from every perspective. The path is picturesque, undemanding and a little steep only in a few places. Be sure to bring your camera! A walk along this path represents an hour and a half of afternoon relaxation.


3. Portorož footpath (5 km)

The circular path around Portorož is sure to delight even the biggest grouch. You must be careful in two places when crossing the main road, but the remainder, comprising several larger curves where you must take the direction signs into account, is a complete delight. The views, parks, landscape and entertainment are continually changing. This therapy takes slightly less than two hours.


4. Lucija footpath (4 km)

This circular footpath takes you through Lucija, the largest settlement in the Piran Municipality, proving just how extremely colourful and attractive Lucija and its environs truly are. It is true that the path is uphill in places; the entire walk, however, will only take two hours, allowing you plenty of time to "replenish your batteries".


5. Between the bays (2 km)

This path, which connects Fiesa and Portorož, can be chosen as a short independent path of 45 minutes or one to combine with longer walks. The majority of you will travel along the "goatee's" pathway through unblemished nature and brush. Either way, you can continue your walk along one of the remaining Piran paths.


6. Through the tunnel (3,5 km)

This footpath connects Strunjan and Portorož via the tunnel of the former narrow-gauge Trieste-Poreč railway line. This just has to be experienced. First the splendour of the sun and the next moment complete darkness followed by another surprise as you are transported from the modern and lively town of Portorož to the tranquillity and salt pans of Strunjan in just one hour – unbelievable!


7. Between the olive trees (4 km)

You can arrive at the Portorož-Bernadin region in a number of ways from Strunjan or the Strunjan Valley. One of the paths runs through a tunnel, while another will delight you with wonderful panoramic views and an olive orchard. The route, which is a little steep in a few places, takes an hour and a half and is an easy morsel for everyone.


8. Three-country footpath (5 km)

This footpath, which connects the Strunjan and Lucija regions, is worth the walk due to its extraordinary picturesque quality and the views it offers. It appears almost unreal. All the beauty of the Croatian region of northern Istria appears at the top of the hill between Lucija and Strunjan, while enhancing this picture the Italian coast can also be gazed upon as well as our own Slovenian mountains and section of Istria. Encompass three countries with just one view! And all this within a walk of just two hours.


9. Strunjan footpath (3,5 km)

It is difficult to describe the beauty, picturesqueness and attraction of this footpath, for no words exist for something so exceptional. You just have to experience a walk along this footpath. It runs along the edge of one of the highest cliffs in the Adriatic and alongside a protected area; however, it is not protected itself and this fact must be taken into account. Indulge in a film for a delightful hour, one that only nature can produce.


10. Seča footpath (4 km) 

If you desire to completely remove yourself from another world, the Seča footpath would be your best choice. The sea, the Forma Viva, tranquillity, the old wooden vessels in the Seča boat repair workshop that overlooks Portorož from a different perspective, the fairy-tale environment of the salt pans, the unique "lake dwelling" on the St. Bartholomew canal (Kanal Sv. Jerneja) and a million other reasons exist to take this two-hour walk and spend an unforgettable day.


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