The old Mediterranean town of Izola lies on the southwest shore of the Gulf of Trieste, where the genuine traditions of fishing and winemaking, mysterious traces of the past, and the welcoming character of the locals merge together to form an unforgettable mosaic of experiences. The town's warm-spirited and romantic character help attract visitors and it is said that once you have visited Izola you will never forget it.

The stirring history of this little fishing port has created marvelous architectural treasures and ancient legends that will carry you back to the time when Izola was still an island. You can sense the spirit of the Mediterranean at every step as you pass through the narrow medieval streets, watch the boats bobbing in the harbor, enjoy a friendly chat with the locals, and savor seafood specialties washed down with good local wine.

Do not miss visiting:

  • The Besenghi Degli Ughi Palace is one of the most well-preserved late Baroque monuments in Slovenia.
  • The most visible church in Izola is the Church of St. Maur, which stands at the top of the medieval island and gives the town its characteristic silhouette.
  • One of the oldest buildings in Izola is the Manzioli Palace, which stands in Manzioli Square. The palace was erected in 1470 and it is a typical example of a bourgeois house.

The picturesque countryside of Izola with many valleys and long hills offers gourmet delights, which can be explored in several local restaurants and on tourist farms, most of which have a wonderful view of the Gulf of Trieste. Izola’s hinterland offers countless possibilities for roaming around and exploring the natural beauty of Istrian hills, on which are situated lovely stone houses and old churches. You can explore them on foot, on a bicycle, or even on a horse’s back.


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