Koper, the oldest town in Slovenia, developed on a rocky island with the Roman name Capris. Out of the three Slovenian coast cities (Koper, Izola, Piran), Koper has experienced the most numerous modifications. The reasons for that also need to be sought in the changes of various reigns and states, all of which marked the city with their specific traits and names. Koper was called Capris in Roman times, in the times of Pope Gregory I (599) Insula Capraria (“goat island”), Iustinopolis under the Byzantine Empire (between the mid-6th and 8th centuries) and Caput Histriae (‘head of Istria’) by the Aquileia Patriarchs. The Venetians rendered that name into the Italian form, Capodistria. The Slovenian name is Koper.


Things that you need to see:

  • The Praetor's Palace closes off the south edge of the central Koper Square. A storey palace with an exterior staircase and two elevated tower-like wings on the east and west dominates the side of the square.
  • A Gothic town loggia on the main squarea was built anew in 1462 and it replaced the old loggia (lobbia vetus), which once stood on the location of the Praetorian Palace.
  • The Koper Bell Tower or City Tower is an exceptionally beautiful and attractive panoramic point that can be reached by ascending 204 steps.
  • Built in the 17th century, Belgramoni-Tacco Palace is one of the most beautiful Baroque palaces in Koper.
  • The Da Ponte fountain stands on the northern part of the Prešeren square .


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