Just 10 kilometers from Postojna Cave stands one of the most picturesque wonders of human history: Predjama Castle.


For more than 700 years it has perched proudly on its 123-meter cliff: powerful, defiant, and impregnable – the perfect hideout for the bold, headstrong, and rebellious knight Erazem of  Predjama, a “robber baron” who is the subject of a romantic and beautiful legend. This legend is recalled today by Erazem’s Tunnel, along which the bravest visitors may still ascend.


A view of the renovated castle rooms and their furnishings gives the visitor an idea of how people once lived and worked in the castle – and how well the castle has been preserved. Among the most interesting sights are the living quarters, the chapel, and the dungeon. The fascinating objects on view include weapons, oil paintings, and a Pietà dating from 1420.


From the castle building, a passage leads to a refuge in a hollow, where an observation post on the rocky cliff offers a wonderful view over the surrounding countryside. Here you can also see a well and the entrance to the legendary Erazem’s Tunnel.


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